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Random Encounter

miniatures in tabletop gaming: a half orc and a drow fight off some wolves.

“Nothing like a nice campfire!” said My’ra, warming her hands over the flame.

“Nothing like a nice, warm inn room,” grumbled Din.

“Snack Time,” said a pair of wolves.

table top miniatures:  a half orc with a club, a dark elf with an eye patch, and 2 wolves.

Much Excitement and Mayhem ensued…

A dark elf miniature faces off against 2 wolf miniatures on a game board featuring a grassy field.

A short time later…

2 wolf miniatures warm themselves at a campfire during a dungeons and dragons game.

“Nothing like a nice campfire!” yipped one wolf to the other, curling up before the fire.

“Come on, let’s hide!” said the second wolf. “Maybe more snacks will come along!”

Hiding in the trees, Din whispered to My’ra: “I think we may need some more party members.”

“Yes,” whispered My’ra back. “Like a bard. Or a bartender!”

“Exactly. Only, you know, someone useful,” agreed Din.

My’ra and Din painted by Book of the Dead.
Twitter: @bugg_bill
Instagram: @botdpainting

Wolves and Campfire painted by Simon’s Magic Shoppe.

STL Files from

All figures printed by Simon’s Magic Shoppe.

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