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About Us


Helping Gamers and Hobbists bring their creations to life

Simon’s Magic Shoppe was founded in 2020 by James Geary and Audrey Hawkes. Avid tabletop gamers, we wanted to give those who do not have access to their own printer, or who lack the knowledge or desire to use one, the ability to bring their characters to life in a real, tangible way.

Contact us for help finding STL files or resources for designing your characters, for more info about our 3D printing services, or for a fully painted, ready-to-play miniature to bring to your next gaming session!


Detailed, Durable 3D Resin Prints

Our resin printer really brings out the finer details in a print, helping your minis stand out at the gaming table!

Our figures are printed using Simon’s Strengthening Solution, our own unique blend of resins that result in more durable, longer-lasting prints.

All our prints have been thoroughly cleaned, lightly prepped (all supports removed and artifacts sanded or clipped), and hardened. We also offer priming and painting services.

Our prints are carefully packaged in foam padding to make sure they arrive safely.

We will ship worldwide by US Priority Mail.

Most orders ship within 5 business days.

A marble colored dice holder with purple dice
FDM Printing

FDM: Perfect for Larger Parts

We use an FDM printer for larger items, like signs, stands, and utility items. While it lacks the ability to produce the tiny details of the SLA printers, it has a much larger print bed: 11.81″ x 11.81″ x 15.74″ or 310mm x 310mm x 400mm.

We have a variety of filament types that we can print from, including our marble-colored filament (great for display stands), colors from all parts of the rainbow, and even wood-based filament.  

You can download some of our custom designs (for free!) from Thingiverse.


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