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Designer Highlight: La Louve 3D

A 3D Print of a hippogriff

Simon’s Magic Shoppe is excited to have been part of LaLouve3D‘s Dangerous Monsters Kickstarter Campaign. Their beautiful sculptures, like this hippogriff, bring some of the most iconic fantasy monsters to life. Their designs have amazing detail and grace, and will spark the imaginations of your players! We’ll be adding the monsters from the campaign to our on-line shop over the next few days.

The Otyugh is a strange and terrifying creature, and has been a staple of the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual since its first edition.

You can see more designs from La Louve 3D and support her on her Patreon page here.

Do you have a favorite designer whose designs you’d like us to carry? Leave us a comment below and we’ll check them out!

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Audrey Hawkes

I paint little figures and play Dungeons and Dragons. I also manage the website and most of the business tasks at

3 thoughts on “Designer Highlight: La Louve 3D

  1. I bought the cockatrice models and I love them! I’m actually trying to buy more because they look amazing.

    1. I’m glad you like them! The scales on the cockatrice models really show off the attention to detail that La Louve gives her models.

  2. Simon’s Magic Shoppe is supporting La Louve 3D on Patreon! I liked her designs so much–and the supports she does work really well! Look for more of her designs coming to our online shoppes in the future!

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