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Family Reunion

A large orc miniature challenges a smaller orc figure at the beach.

After a successful Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign, My’ra and Din took a vacation to bury their treasure on a tropical island.

“My’ra, you do know that I’m half drow, right? I hate the sun,” grumbled Din.

“You hate everything,” said My’ra cheerfully, shoveling more sand over their treasure chest.

a dark elf miniature and a half-orc miniature find a treasure chest on a gaming board showing a beach setting.

At that moment a big booming voice sounded: “If you’re going to bury treasure on my beach, you’ll obey my rules!”

My’ra rolled her eyes. “Whatever Dad. I’m a big damn adventurer now. You can’t tell me what to do!”

Embarrassed at being present for an awkward family argument, Din quietly cast Misty Step on himself and hightailed it for the nearest tiki bar. When My’ra turned to him for backup a few minutes later, he was gone.

“Damn it, Din!” My’ra kicked at the sand. “Not again!”

A drow miniature from dungeons and dragons contemplates a treasure chest on a beach map.

My’ra and Din painted by Book of the Dead.
Twitter: @bugg_bill
Instagram: @botdpainting

My’ra’s father and treasure chest painted by Simon’s Magic Shoppe.

STL Files from

All figures printed by Simon’s Magic Shoppe.

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