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Simon’s Strengthening Solution

Resin printing allows a very high level of detail, but the prints are brittle and break easily–not something you want to happen to after you’ve painstakingly painted your new miniature! There are flexible resins available, but they are expensive and greatly increase the cost of your minis. The alchemists at Simon’s Magic Shoppe have developed a special mixture of different resins in an effort to get the benefits of the each. The result? Sturdier, more enduring prints at an affordable price.

The difference is very noticeable: both of these minis were dropped from a height of just two feet onto a tile floor. The one on the left was printed using traditional resin, the one on the right using Simon’s Strengthening Solution.

Dropped from a height of four feet the difference is even more dramatic. The archer printed using our proprietary solution has only lost the very tip of her arrow; her poor sister did not fare so well.

Even dropped from a height of six feet the durable archer printed using Simon’s Strengthening Solution suffered no additional damage.

An Archer miniature for dungeons and dragons next to a tape measure

Simon’s Strengthening Solution: another reason to choose Simon’s Magic Shoppe for all your 3D Prints.

The archers bravely shattered in the name of science so I could bring you this article were designed by 3DsOfSan. Prints available in our Shoppe.

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  1. Member of wargaming club in Phoenix AZ. for Axis & Allies and our question is your ability to duplicate the infantry game figures to a smaller size? Figures are currently supplied by Historical Board Games and they are great figures but we need to play test in a smaller size.

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