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5 Reasons Why Simon’s Miniatures are the Best!

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Why should you order your miniatures from Simon’s Magic Shoppe?

1. What You See is What You Get

The photos we use to advertise our miniatures are just that–photos! Many miniature sellers use rendered images to advertise their minis; at the Magic Shoppe we use photos of the 3D printed figures. This lets you see the actual level of detail–and any areas where support damage might happen–that you are going to get, instead of theoretical images generated with rendering software. 3D Printing our figures for photos also lets us work out the supports and deal with any printing issues before an order is placed. That way we can maintain a high print quality while still getting your orders to you quickly.

2. We Keep Popular Miniatures in Stock for Fast Delivery

We don’t wait for an order to come in to print our popular figures: we print them before we even get an order so that they’re ready and waiting for you. That lets us keep our delivery times down and keeps our printers free for those orders that do need to be printed. That all means that there’s less wait time for you to get your minis!

A tray of gray 3D printed centaur miniature and their bases.
These centaurs are freshly cleaned and ready for the curing chamber.

3. Simon’s Strengthening Solution

There’s nothing worse than dropping your painstakingly painted miniature and watching it shatter into a million pieces. We include a flexible agent in our resin blend to help our figures bounce instead of break. It also helps keep them intact during shipping.

4. Miniatures are Carefully Packaged in Foam Padding

One of the most perilous times in a miniature’s life is its journey to its new home. In addition to printing them in our Strengthening Solution, we also carefully package our miniatures. First, we put them in a small box surrounded by foam padding. Then we put that box in a larger box with even more padding. All that protection helps more miniatures arrive happy–and intact–at their new home. The small boxes are also perfect for gifting your mini!

A custom miniature carefully packaged for shipping. Minis like this make great gifts!

5. Magic!

We take special care of miniatures from figuring out the best placement for supports, to thoroughly cleaning them, to removing the supports, and right through to carefully packaging them for shipping. A little bit of magic, and they’re ready to face the world!

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