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How to Paint Your Miniature: Ivory (or Bone)

A monster miniature for dungeons and dragons. The figure is bone monster with wings, painted with an ivory color scheme and standing next to a 20 sided die.

Here, I go over how to use a few simple layers and techniques to give your model an over-all ivory color scheme. I’ll be painting LaLouve3D‘s Bone Devil figure in this post. Ivory works great as a bone color, and this sort of painting style brings out the texture in the figure. I mentioned some materials you may want to use in my last post.

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Step 1: Primer

After you’ve examined your figure and done any sanding that you want to do, give it a couple light coats of white primer.

A Bone Devil mini with white primer
The Bone Devil is painted with White Primer.

Step 2: Base Coat

Mummy Robes from Army Painter WarPaints is a nice off-white ivory color. Give the entire figure a coat.

A Bone Devil monster miniature painted ivory and standing next to a bottle of paint labeled Mummy Robes.
A coat of Mummy Robes

Step 3: Shadow Wash

You’ll want a light brown color to bring out the crevices and deeper areas of the figure. I use Soft Tone. Make sure to put extra into the eye and nose holes on the Bone Devil; you want to exaggerate the skull. Be sure to soak up pools in other areas though! You want to bring out the details, not slap on so much paint that they become obscured.

A miniature monster for Dungeons and Dragons.  The figure is a demon with a skull head, tail, and wings, painted an off-white color and standing next to a bottle of paint labeled Soft Tones.
Time for the Shadow Coat!

Step 4: Dry Brush

Time to bring out the high spots! I go back to Mummy Robes for this dry brush layer.

A Bone Devil miniature painted an off-white color and standing next to a bottle of paint labeled Mummy Robes.
Use a dry brush and hit the high spots of the figure with Mummy Robes.

Step 5: Details

I use Matt White on a small dry brush for most of the details, letting the texture of the figure decide where the lightest highlights should be. I make sure to hit the veins on the wings and the edges of the Bone Devil’s horns and spikes, and then switch to a detail brush and paint the teeth and claws–I want those areas to draw attention, and to contrast with the dark empty eye sockets. Finally, I give the edge of the base a coat of Mummy Robes to make the figure look neater.

A painted monster miniature for tabletop games.  The figure is a demon with a skull head, long claws, a tail, and wings.  It is standing next to two bottles of paint, one labeled Matt White and the other labeled Mummy Robes.
Time for the final details. Don’t forget the edge of the base!


Give the figure a coat of Matte Clear Coat to protect the paint, and your Bone Devil is ready for the gaming table!

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