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Build Your Own Dungeon

Our newest product lets you design your dungeon to best fit your adventure. Composed of 16 pieces that interconnect with magnets, you can create a variety of layouts to tantalize your players.

pieces of a dungeon wall for building a tabletop game play set.
Small magnets are placed in the base of the set piece.

Each piece is 2×2″. As with all our prints, we thoroughly clean and harden them first. Next, we add small magnets into the base pieces and glue the set pieces over the top. Even these small magnets are enough to keep your layout in place, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping the table or scattering pieces when you try to move your characters around. At the same time, they easily separate so you can quickly rearrange the pieces for the next room. The bases also include slots for Open Lock clips, if you want even more stability in your set.

Our 16 piece set includes 4 corner pieces, 6 wall section, 4 flat floor sections, and 2 arched doorways. The set is available cleaned and hardened, primed and ready to paint, or painted and ready to play.

Contact us about printing and/or painting a room set for you!

Have fun building your own dungeon rooms, and enjoy your adventure!

Update March 2023

We’ve changed our tile sets to offer more variety, including special effects like flickering torches and fire pits! You can find our current tile sets here.

A Fire Shrine Temple tile set for dungeons and dragons and other tabletop games.

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