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Designer Highlight: Masterwork Tools

A Fire Shrine Temple tile set for dungeons and dragons and other tabletop games.

New Designer! Simon’s Magic Shoppe recently became a patreon of Masterwork Tools, and is excited to be able to sell their tile sets. These 3D sets look great at the table and really make your encounters stand out!

While we just have the Fire Shrine set in our shoppe right now, more will be coming soon. The tiles have small magnets along their sides, allowing you to easily rearrange the pieces–and combine sets–to make new combinations and challenges for your players. The tiles are also Open-Lock compatible, so you can combine with sets you may all ready have.

A model of a dungeon, showing a fire pit seen through an arch way with runes on it
The central flame has an LED candle that flickers like a real flame.

The tile sets are printed in PLA filament so that they’re light and sturdy. The pieces are hand-painted with acrylic paints so that they arrive table-ready. We also try to pick sets that include extra effects, such as the flickering LED tea light that makes the central fire in the Fire Shrine come to life.

Is there a set from Masterwork Tools that you’d like us to focus on next? Do you have a favorite designer that we should check out? Let me know if the comments!

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