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The Many Deaths of Uveda Swiftwhistle

“You know, you seem to die an awful lot,” said My’ra, helping her halfling friend to his feet after a brief scuffle with some oversized spiders ended with Uveda unconscious (again).

“Haha,” said Uveda, dusting himself off. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Din carefully wiped ichor from his rapiers and sheathed them. “It’s true. Let’s see. The first time was when those twig blights ambushed us at camp…”

Painted miniatures for dungeons and dragons

“I was tired!” protested Uveda.

“There was that grumpy druid and his pet toad,” chimed in My’ra. “You were up and down that whole battle!”

“That was a little odd,” admitted Uveda. “Frogs and toads are usually good luck for halflings! Why, I’ve got one under my hat just now!”

Ignoring the halfling, Din continued to tick off Uveda’s misadventures on his fingers. “There was that time when a troglodyte wizard appeared out of nowhere, zapped you, and disappeared.”

“I’m not sure what that was all about,” Uveda conceded.

“At least twice when we stormed the orc cave,” Din continued.

A green orc miniature next to a halfling bard miniature in a castle game set

“Remember when that lizard swallowed you whole!” My’ra put in, laughing.

“Aye, though I don’t remember it being funny,” mumbled Uveda.

“And just now, with the giant spiders! My friend, there is something a bit off about you.” Din peered at Uveda curiously before snapping his fingers and whipping open one of his books. After rifling through the pages for a few moments he stopped and tapped an entry. “Here it is! Just what I thought. Uveda, have you pissed off any deities lately, particularly one whose name starts with D or possibly G? Followed by an M?”

“What?! A friendly, inoffensive fellow such as myself? Why would anyone be angry with such a charming halfling?” asked Uveda, beginning to strum on his lute.

“I can’t imagine,” muttered My’ra, winking at Din as he subtly cast Silence.

Painted miniatures for tabletop games

My’ra and Din painted by Book of the Dead.
Twitter: @bugg_bill
Instagram: @botdpainting

Uveda, twig blights, orcs and castle set painted by Simon’s Magic Shoppe.

Uveda designed with
All other STL Files from

All figures printed by Simon’s Magic Shoppe.

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