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New Products: Dice Trays

A marble colored dice tray with purple dice

Keep your dice in order with one of our dice trays! 3D Printed in attractive marble-colored filament, these trays include a section to keep your dice in order and a larger area to roll them without having to worry about your dice escaping. The tray easily holds a set of standard size role-playing dice. Dice trays are a great help for keeping your table organized when playing tabletop or board games.

A marble colored dice tray filled with purple dice next to a wizard miniature

We also make smaller dice boxes, designed to hold a single set of dice. Perfect for putting your prized dice on display, or for keeping them organized during a game.

Our dice trays and holders are available for purchase through our Shoppe. They make great gifts!

Contact us about designing a custom tray or box in different sizes or colors.

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