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STL File Resources

A 3D rendering of a wizard

What is an STL file?

An STL file is the sculpture file that the printer reads and uses to build a 3D print.

Where can I find an STL file?

There are many on-line resources that can help you find or generate STL files for 3D printing. Some resources include:

Character designers allow you to customize your figures by mixing and matching a variety of pre-made pieces and then paying a small fee to download the figure as an STL file. We recommend these web-based character designers:

The interface of a character creator for making STL files for 3D printing.
Designing a Character with

There are also programs you can buy that will let you design your own characters:

3D libraries include a variety of objects suitable for 3D Printing and give you the advantage of having a personal connection with the designer. While the STL files are often available for free or a small fee, please consider tipping the designer to help them continue producing quality content. We recommend these 3D libraries:

Scuplt a unique figure yourself! Use a 3D sculpting program to create your own unique figure. Sculpting programs include:

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